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Sex pheromone chemistry of the female tobacco budworm moth,Heliothis virescens
Seven compounds identified from the heptane washes of the ovipositor of femaleHeliothis virescens (F.) females were identified and specificity of pheromonal signals among the two species is ostensibly dependent upon one or more of the three additional compounds produced by femaleH.
Insect Sex Pheromones: Minor Amount of Opposite Geometrical Isomer Critical to Attraction
(Z)-II-Tetradecenyl acetate is the reported sex pheromone of European corn borer and redbanded leafroller moths. However, geometrically pure preparations of the compound are weakly attractive to
Sex pheromone chemistry of female corn earworm moth,Heliothis zea
Stimuli containing a binary mixture of (Z)-11-hexadecenal and (Z-9-hexadese) or the binary mixture in combination with any of the other aldehydes identified from the females elicited intense attraction and close-range precopulatory reactions from H. zea males.
Trace Chemicals: The Essence of Sexual Communication Systems in Heliothis Species
Analysis of heptane-soluble compounds from ovipositors of Heliothis zea and Heliothis virescens shows that both species produce relatively large amounts of (Z)-11-hexadecenal, with traces of
Polyacene and a new class of quasi-one-dimensional conductors
Most one-dimensional conductors are quite similar since the Fermi surface is a point and the electron energy dispersion relation near the Fermi surface is linear. It is pointed out that in polyacene
Chirality and stereochemical recognition in DNA-phytohormone interactions: A model approach
The absolute chirality of certain phytohormones, and that of DNA may be essential for the recognition process, and it is speculated further that the specific interactions shown by molecular models have significance in the evolution of plant regulatory mechanisms.
Molecular Science: Network-Deliverable Curricula.
The Molecular Science systemic reform project, which has just begun its third year, is developing network-deliverable curricula for the first two years of Chemistry.1 The goals of the project are to