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Induced-charge electrophoresis of metallodielectric particles.
The application of ac electric fields in aqueous suspensions of anisotropic particles leads to unbalanced liquid flows and nonlinear, induced-charge electrophoretic motion. We report experimentalExpand
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Dielectrophoretic assembly of metallodielectric Janus particles in AC electric fields.
"Janus" particles with two hemispheres of different polarizability or charge demonstrate a multitude of interesting effects in external electric fields. We reported earlier how particles with oneExpand
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Measuring the three-phase contact angle of nanoparticles at fluid interfaces.
We report a generic technique to image and study the wettability of spherical nanoparticles adsorbed at liquid surfaces and demonstrate that nanoparticle monolayers can be imprinted at air-water andExpand
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Preparation of particle-stabilized emulsions using membrane emulsification
There is currently significant interest in particle-stabilized emulsions for a variety of applications and as precursors to other materials such as microcapsules or colloidosomes. A prerequisite forExpand
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Fabrication of asymmetrically coated colloid particles by microcontact printing techniques
We developed a novel method for preparation of asymmetrically coated colloid particles by using a microcontact printing technique. Films of water-insoluble ionic surfactants deposited on PDMS stampsExpand
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Fabrication of dipolar colloid particles by microcontact printing.
A novel technique for preparation of dipolar colloid particles has been developed which is based on microcontact printing of films of water-insoluble ionic surfactants onto monolayers of colloidExpand
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Emulsions stabilised by food colloid particles: role of particle adsorption and wettability at the liquid interface.
We study the effect of the particle wettability on the preferred type of emulsion stabilised solely by food colloid particles. We present results obtained with the recently developed gel trappingExpand
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Responsive core-shell latex particles as colloidosome microcapsule membranes.
Responsive core-shell latex particles are used to prepare colloidosome microcapsules using thermal annealing and internal cross linking of the shell, allowing the production of the microcapsules atExpand
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Evaluation of Anionic and Cationic Pulp-Based Flocculants With Diverse Lignin Contents for Application in Effluent Treatment From the Textile Industry: Flocculation Monitoring
In wastewater treatment, flocculation is a widely used solid/liquid separation technique, which typically employs a charged polymer, a polyelectrolyte (PEL). Polyelectrolytes features, such as chargeExpand
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Stimulus responsive core-shell nanoparticles: synthesis and applications of polymer based aqueous systems
In this article we review the current state of knowledge in the field of responsive nanoparticles for aqueous-based systems. The review focuses on the use of stimuli-responsive copolymers that canExpand
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