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Subharmonic stochastic synchronization and resonance in neuronal systems.
We study the response of a model neuron, driven simultaneously by noise and at least two weak periodic signals. We focus on signals with frequencies components kf(0),(k+1)f(0),...(k+n)f(0) with k>1.Expand
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Experimental results on smooth path tracking with application to pipe surveying on inexpensive AUV
This paper details the development aspects of a low cost AUV autonomous, designed for autonomous pipline inspections, describing: hardware, software and control aspects. The article details three ofExpand
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Ghost Stochastic Resonance in an Electronic Circuit
We demonstrate experimentally the regime of ghost stochastic resonance in the response of a Monostable Schmit Trigger electronic circuit driven by noise and signals with N frequency components:Expand
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Anticipated synchronization: a metaphorical linear view.
We study the regime of anticipated synchronization recently described on a number of dynamical systems including chaotic ones. We use simple linear caricatures to show the minimal setups able toExpand
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Multimodal Agents in Second Life and the New Agents of Virtual 3D Environments
The confluence of 3D virtual worlds with social networks imposes to software agents, in addition to his conversational functions, the same behaviors as those common to human-driven avatars. In thisExpand
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Fuzzy control of a sailboat
Abstract This paper describes a combined helm-sails controller for a sailboat based on fuzzy logic. Autonomous navigation of sailboats is a very nonlinear and time-variant problem, and modeling shipExpand
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Coordinated path following for multiple underactuated AUVs
This paper addresses the problem of coordinated path following whereby multiple underactuated marine crafts are required to follow a prescribed paths while keeping a desired inter-vehicle formationExpand
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Predict-prevent control method for perturbed excitable systems.
We present a control method based on two steps: prediction and prevention. For prediction we use the anticipated synchronization scheme, considering unidirectional coupling between excitable systemsExpand
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Trajectory Tracking of the Cormoran AUV Based on a PI-MIMO Approach
This paper describes the control strategy developed for the Cormoran, a low cost ocean observing platform, hybrid between AUVs and ASVs. This robot moves slightly underneath the sea surface followingExpand
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Formation control of multiple marine vehicles based passivity-control design
This paper addresses the problem of coordination path following control of multiple autonomous vehicles. Stated briefly, the problem consists in steering a group of vehicles along a specified paths,Expand
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