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Dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions: results of a consensus meeting via the Internet.
BACKGROUND There is a need for better standardization of the dermoscopic terminology in assessing pigmented skin lesions. OBJECTIVE The virtual Consensus Net Meeting on Dermoscopy was organized toExpand
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The ABCD rule of dermatoscopy. High prospective value in the diagnosis of doubtful melanocytic skin lesions.
BACKGROUND The difficulties in accurately assessing pigmented skin lesions are ever present in practice. The recently described ABCD rule of dermatoscopy (skin surface microscopy at x10Expand
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Comparison of different methods for enumeration of Langerhans cells in vertical cryosections of human skin
We have quantified Langerhans cells (LC) in cryosections of normal human skin and lesional skin from patients with atopic eczema and psoriasis vulgaris using six different methods. The results fromExpand
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Histographic surgery: accuracy of visual assessment of the margins of basal-cell epithelioma.
In 72 basal-cell epitheliomas, the clinical extension and the actual extension of the defect measured by complete tumor removal by Mohs' chemosurgery were compared. Subclinical extension depends onExpand
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Dithranol: a review of the mechanism of action in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris.
Dithranol is highly effective in the treatment of psoriasis. The drug inhibits keratinocyte hyperproliferation, granulocyte function and, in addition, may exert an immunosuppressive effect. FreeExpand
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Occurrence of IgE-bearing epidermal Langerhans cells in atopic eczema: a study of the time course of the lesions and with regard to the IgE serum level.
Uninvolved and lesional skin of untreated and treated patients with atopic eczema has been investigated immunohistochemically to determine the conditions in which IgE-bearing CD1a+ LangerhansExpand
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Color Atlas of Dermatoscopy
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The effect of detergents on skin pH and its consequences.
Interest in skin surface pH is already of long standing. More than a century ago, in 1892, Heuss claimed that the entire surface of the body is acidic.’ This early finding, based on the use of hardlyExpand
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Argon Laser Therapy of Verrucous Nevi
In one patient afflicted with a systemic verrucous nevus, a marked improvement was obtained by repeated treatments with an argon laser. In two patients it was possible to remove localized verrucousExpand
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Disorders of Keratinization
The disorders of keratinization can be best understood within the framework of normal epidermal differentiation. The outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, provides the interfaceExpand
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