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A method for the rapid determination of alkaline phosphates with five cubic millimeters of serum.
The alkaline phosphatase of the serum increases early and markedly in rickets and returns completely to normal only after healing is complete. Because of this fact, serum phosphatase is the mostExpand
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Intake of vitamin B6 and infantile convulsions: a first approximation of requirements of pyridoxine in infants.
Nine infants, 1 to 12 months of age, with convulsions due to inapparent cause, have remained free of seizures after a change to a diet providing an increased amount of vitamin B6, or afterExpand
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The fluorometric measurement of the nucleotides of riboflavin and their concentration in tissues.
SUMMARY 1. A convenient fluorometric procedure is described which permits separate measurement of riboflavin, riboflavin monophosphate, and ribo- flavin dinucleotide. The measurement of theExpand
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Mineral Nutrition of Plants and Animals
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Fluorometric measurements of riboflavin and its natural derivatives in small quantities of blood serum and cells.
The concentrations of many of the vitamins or their natural derivatives in blood serum and cells reflect the relatively recent intake of the particular dietary essential (e.g., ascorbic acid). Such aExpand
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The determination of vitamin A and carotene in small quantities of blood serum.
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Photolytic and enzymatic transformations of pteroylglutamic acid.
Bloom et al. (1) found that ultraviolet light converted pteroylglutamic acid (PGA) which is not fluorescent into a fluorescent material. Stokstad, Fordham, and de Grunigen (2) observed that sunlightExpand
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The quantitative determination of ascorbic acid in small amounts of white blood cells and platelets.
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Dietary deprivation of riboflavin and blood riboflavin levels in man.
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The determination of thiamine and thiamine phosphates in small quantities of blood and blood cells.
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