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The paper presents a critical discussion of the current debate over the social impacts of the arts in the UK. It argues that the accepted understanding of the terms of the debate is rooted in aExpand
The social impact of the arts : an intellectual history
Introduction Towards a new approach to researching the social impacts of the arts Corruption and distraction Catharsis Personal well-being Education and Self-development Moral improvement andExpand
Review essay
Anyone seeking to understand what currently constitutes the field of cultural policy research could, in addition to following the pages of this journal, usefully turn to Critical Cultural PolicyExpand
Destination marketing into the next century
Tourism destination marketing is particularly challenging. The nature of tourism, with small businesses selling products in distant markets, has led to a conclusion in many countries that governmentsExpand
Beyond the “Toolkit Approach”: Arts Impact Evaluation Research and the Realities of Cultural Policy‐Making
This article presents a reflection on the possibility and potential advantages of the development of a humanities‐based approach to assessing the impact of the arts, which attempts to move away fromExpand
Cultures of Optimism
Drawing on material from a broad range of fields, this article identifies an ‘optimism of everyday life’ and proposes that it performs significant psychological, social and cultural functions. TheseExpand
Cultural Pessimism: Narratives of Decline in the Postmodern World
A provocative and wide-ranging analysis of the cultural mood of anxiety and pessimism in the early 21st century.