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Modeling the moisture diffusivity in a baking cake
Abstract Full factorial baking (drying) test was performed with five levels of initial moisture contents (0.369, 0.431, 0.539, 0.611 and 0.707 d.b.) of cake batter and four levels of ovenExpand
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Pretreatments for the Efficient Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Plant-Based Biomaterials
The extraction of medicinal or functional compounds from herbal plants is an important unit operation in food and bio-industries. The target compounds are generally present inter- or intra-cellularlyExpand
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Kinetics of Quality Changes During Food Frying
This paper deals with kinetics of quality changes during food frying. The quality parameters of interests include color, texture, viscoelastic properties, volume/density, and nutraceuticals (Omega 3Expand
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Thermal Properties of Sweet Potato with its Moisture Content and Temperature
Thermal properties of sweet potato were experimentally determined and modeled as a function of temperature and moisture content. The purpose is to develop empirical correlations that could predictExpand
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Radio frequency selective heating of stored-grain insects at 27.12 MHz: A feasibility study
The feasibility of radio frequency (RF) selective heating as a disinfestation technique was investigated, considering rusty grain beetle in bulk wheat samples at 27.12 MHz. Although pesticides andExpand
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Evaluation of radio-frequency heating in controlling Salmonella enterica in raw shelled almonds.
This study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of radio-frequency (RF) heating to reduce Salmonella enterica serovars Enteritidis, Typhimurium, and Senftenberg in raw shelled almonds comparedExpand
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An optimum ethanol–water solvent system for extraction of podophyllotoxin: Experimental study, diffusivity determination and modeling
Abstract Solvent extraction of podophyllotoxin was carried out with different ethanol–water solvent systems at various extraction conditions. Maximum extraction rate and yield were obtained with aExpand
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Effect of alkaline pretreatment on chemical composition of lignocellulosic biomass using radio frequency heating
The very nature of lignocellulosic biomass presents resistance and recalcitrance to biological and chemical degradation during enzymatic hydrolysis and the subsequent fermentation process. This leadsExpand
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Radio Frequency Dielectric Properties of Bulk Canola Seeds under Different Temperatures, Moisture Contents, and Frequencies for Feasibility of Radio Frequency Disinfestation
The parallel capacitances and resistances of the bulk canola seeds were measured to determine the dielectric properties of canola seeds using a radio frequency dielectric fixture at different levelsExpand
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Thermal conductivity, specific heat, thermal diffusivity, and emissivity of stored canola seeds with their temperature and moisture content
Abstract Density ( ρ ), specific heat ( c p ), thermal conductivity ( k ), diffusivity ( α ), and emissivity ( e ) of canola seeds ( Brassica napus L.) are important engineering parameters in theExpand
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