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Formalin test in mice, a useful technique for evaluating mild analgesics
The results indicate that the formalin test is useful for evaluating mild analgesics and may have advantages over some of the tests that are commonly used for testing analgesics. Expand
The Prevalence of Migraine in Patients with Bipolar and Unipolar Affective Disorders
  • O. B. Fasmer
  • Medicine
  • Cephalalgia : an international journal of…
  • 1 November 2001
The results support the contention that bipolar I and II are biologically separate disorders and point to the possibility of using the association of bipolar II disorder with migraine to study both the pathophysiology and the genetics of this affective disorder. Expand
Occupational Outcome in Adult ADHD: Impact of Symptom Profile, Comorbid Psychiatric Problems, and Treatment
Early recognition and treatment of ADHD is a strong predictor of being in work as an adult, independently of comorbidity, substance abuse, and current treatment. Expand
Adult ADHD and Comorbid Somatic Disease: A Systematic Literature Review
There are few large systematic studies using standardized diagnostic criteria evaluating adult ADHD and somatic comorbidities, and significant associations are found betweenadult ADHD and several somatic diseases. Expand
Meta‐analysis of brain‐derived neurotrophic factor p.Val66Met in adult ADHD in four European populations
A meta‐analysis of published as well as unpublished data from four different centers that are part of the International Multicentre Persistent ADHD CollaboraTion showed that the involvement of p.Val66Met in the pathogenesis of this neuropsychiatric disorder is not supported. Expand
Multicenter Analysis of the SLC6A3/DAT1 VNTR Haplotype in Persistent ADHD Suggests Differential Involvement of the Gene in Childhood and Persistent ADHD
The first results of the International Multicentre Persistent ADHD Genetics CollaboraTion (IMpACT) are presented, finding a differential association of DAT1 with ADHD in children and in adults might help explain the inconsistencies observed in earlier associations. Expand
Antinociceptive effects of serotonergic reuptake inhibitors in mice
It is indicated that selective inhibitors of the uptake of 5-HT have weaker antinociceptive effects than less selective drugs. Expand
Clinical assessment and diagnosis of adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
The diagnostic assessment should both include a comprehensive clinical interview, rating scales for past and present symptoms and collateral information from multiple informants, as well as assessment of a broader spectrum of psychiatric and somatic conditions. Expand
Actigraphic registration of motor activity reveals a more structured behavioural pattern in schizophrenia than in major depression
BackgroundDisturbances in motor activity pattern are seen in both schizophrenia and depression. However, this activity has rarely been studied objectively. The purpose of the present study has beenExpand
Genetic analyses of dopamine related genes in adult ADHD patients suggest an association with the DRD5‐microsatellite repeat, but not with DRD4 or SLC6A3 VNTRs
The results among adults with a clinical diagnosis of ADHD support an association between ADHD and the DRD5 locus, but not theDRD4 or SLC6A3 loci, and it is possible that the latter polymorphisms are associated with a transient form of ADHD with better long‐term clinical outcome. Expand