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TRY – a global database of plant traits
The improved availability of plant trait data in the unified global database is expected to support a paradigm shift from species to trait-based ecology, offer new opportunities for synthetic plant trait research and enable a more realistic and empirically grounded representation of terrestrial vegetation in Earth system models.
Plant phenotypic plasticity in a changing climate.
The hot and the cold: unravelling the variable response of plant respiration to temperature.
The need for a greater process-based understanding of thermal acclimation of respiration is highlighted if the authors are to successfully predict future ecosystem CO2 fluxes and potential feedbacks on atmospheric CO2 concentrations.
Response of root respiration to changes in temperature and its relevance to global warming
The modelling suggests that rapid acclimation will result in near-perfect homeostasis of respiration rates and minimize annual CO2 release, however, annualCO2 release increases substantially if the speed of full acclimations is lower.
Acclimation of snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) leaf respiration to seasonal and diurnal variations in temperature: the importance of changes in the capacity and temperature sensitivity of respiration
It is concluded that cold-acclimation of dark respiration in snow gum leaves is characterized by changes in both the temperature sensitivity and apparent 'capacity' of the respiratory apparatus, and that such changes will have an important impact on the carbon economy of snow gum plants.
Leaf respiration of snow gum in the light and dark. Interactions between temperature and irradiance.
The rate of R in the light is highly variable, being dependent on irradiance and temperature, andVariations in light inhibition of R can have a substantial impact on the proportion of photosynthesis that is respired.
Thermal acclimation of leaf and root respiration: An investigation comparing inherently fast- and slow-growing plant species
There is tight coupling between the respiratory acclimation and the temperature under which leaves and roots developed and that acclimations plays an important role in determining the relationship between respiration and photosynthesis.
The crucial role of plant mitochondria in orchestrating drought tolerance.
A model by which mitochondrial R enables survival and rapid recovery of productivity under water stress conditions is proposed, based on recent work highlighting the link between chloroplast and mitochondrial functions in leaves.
High thermal acclimation potential of both photosynthesis and respiration in two lowland Plantago species in contrast to an alpine congeneric
The results highlight the tight coupling that exists between thermal acclimation of photosynthetic and leaf respiratory metabolism (both in darkness and in the light) in Plantago.