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The Price Is Right: Updating Inflation Expectations in a Randomized Price Information Experiment
Using a unique, randomized information experiment embedded in a survey, this paper investigates how consumers’ inflation expectations respond to new information. We find that respondents, on average,Expand
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Inflation Expectations and Behavior: Do Survey Respondents Act on Their Beliefs?
We compare the inflation expectations reported by consumers in a survey with their behavior in a financially incentivized investment experiment. The survey is found to be informative in the senseExpand
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Measuring Inflation Expectations
To conduct monetary policy, central banks around the world increasingly rely on measures of public inflation expectations. In this article, we review findings from an ongoing initiative at theExpand
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Domestic Airline Alliances and Consumer Welfare
This article investigates the consumer welfare consequences of the recent code-share agreement between Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines. We develop a discrete choice model based onExpand
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Estimation and comparison of treasury auction formats when bidders are asymmetric
The structural parameters of a share-auction model accounting for asymmetries across bidders, as well as supply uncertainty, are estimated with a sample of French Treasury auctions. We find evidenceExpand
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Stigma in Financial Markets Evidence from liquidity auctions and discount window borrowing during the crisis
While the perception of stigma attached to borrowing from the discount window complicates the Fed's efforts to help banks in urgent need for funds during times of crisis, there exists little evidenceExpand
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Expectations of Inflation: The Role of Demographic Variables, Expectation Formation, and Financial Literacy
When financial decisions have consequences beyond the immediate future, individuals' economic success may depend on their ability to forecast the rate of inflation. Higher inflation expectations haveExpand
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A controlled field experiment on corruption
This paper reports on a controlled field experiment on corruption designed to address two important issues: the experimenter's scrutiny and the unobservability of corruption. In the experiment, aExpand
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Eliciting beliefs: Proper scoring rules, incentives, stakes and hedging
Proper Scoring Rules (PSRs) are popular incentivized mechanisms to elicit an agent's beliefs. This paper combines theory and experiment to characterize how PSRs bias reported beliefs when (i) the PSRExpand
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Framing of Incentives and Effort Provision
A prospect theory model combining loss aversion and diminishing sensitivity predicts that the link between incentives framing and effort is ambiguous: small penalties yield higher effort, butExpand
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