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Biprojective Algebras and Operator Spaces
Operator biflatness of the Fourier algebra and approximate indicators for subgroups
Abstract We investigate if, for a locally compact group G , the Fourier algebra A ( G ) is biflat in the sense of quantized Banach homology. A central role in our investigation is played by theExpand
On holomorphic reflexivity conditions for complex Lie groups.
We consider Akbarov's holomorphic version of the non-commutative Pontryagin duality for a complex Lie group. We prove, under the assumption that $G$ is a Stein group with finitely many components,Expand
On approximation of flat Banach modules by free modules
The local structure of flat Banach modules is considered; in particular, it is shown that if a flat module has the approximation property, then it is freely approximable, that is, the identityExpand
The global dimension theorem for non-unital and certain other separable $ C^*$-algebras
In this article we prove that the global homological dimension of a separable -algebra containing a bi-ideal of finite codimension that cannot be complemented as a subalgebra is at least 2. As aExpand
Holomorphically finitely generated Hopf algebras and quantum Lie groups
We study topological Hopf algebras that are holomorphically finitely generated (HFG) as Frechet Arens-Micheal algebras in the sense of Pirkovskii. Some of them but not all can be obtained from affineExpand
An analytic criterion for the local finiteness of a countable semigroup
X iv :2 10 4. 03 23 0v 1 [ m at h. FA ] 7 A pr 2 02 1 AN ANALYTIC CRITERION FOR THE LOCAL FINITENESS OF A COUNTABLE SEMIGROUP O. YU. ARISTOV Abstract. We prove that a countable semigroup S is locallyExpand
Open embeddings and pseudoflat epimorphisms
We characterize open embeddings of Stein spaces and of $C^\infty$-manifolds in terms of certain flatness-type conditions on the respective homomorphisms of function algebras.