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Characterizing the performance of process flexibility structures
The objective is to identify preferred flexibility structures in service or manufacturing systems, when demand is random and capacity is finite. Considering a network flow type model as the basis ofExpand
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Structural Estimation of Callers' Delay Sensitivity in Call Centers
We model the decision-making process of callers in call centers as an optimal stopping problem. After each waiting period, a caller decides whether to abandon a call or continue to wait. The utilityExpand
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Effective strategies for internal outsourcing and offshoring of business services: An empirical investigation
The growing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency induces many organizations to undertake shared services initiatives. This consolidation and streamlining of common business functions isExpand
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Capacity sizing in the presence of a common shared resource: Dimensioning an inbound call center
Abstract This paper studies a capacity sizing problem for service systems where capacity is determined by multiple types of resources that are required simultaneously in order to provide service. InExpand
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Impact of Delay Announcements in Call Centers: An Empirical Approach
We undertake an empirical study of the impact of delay announcements on callers’ abandonment behavior and the performance of a call center with two priority classes. A Cox regression analysis revealsExpand
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Call Center Outsourcing Contract Analysis and Choice
This paper considers a call center outsourcing contract analysis and choice problem faced by a contractor and a service provider. The service provider receives an uncertain call volume over multipleExpand
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To Sell or Not to Sell
This article explores the trade-offs between service and sales in phone center operations in retail banking and develops an analytical approach to quantify the costs and benefits of moving toward aExpand
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Modeling a Phone Center: Analysis of a Multichannel, Multiresource Processor Shared Loss System
This paper presents a model for the study of operations at an inbound call center. The call center is modeled as a multiclass processor shared loss system, where the interacting effects of human,Expand
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Call Centers with Delay Information: Models and Insights
This section supports the paragraph “Effect of θ on the optimal announcement coverage β∗” in Section 5 of the main paper Jouini et al. (2011). We would like to see how the call center performanceExpand
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