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[Lymphocyte subpopulation state of the human lung during prenatal development].
Distribution of surface lymphocyte markers was assessed in foetus lung by cytofluorimetry using monoclonal antibodies produced by "Ortho Diagnostic systems" and "Becton Dickinson". Seven lymphocyteExpand
Colony-forming hematopoietic cells in the mouse embryonic lung
The colony-forming activity of embryo lung cells CBA mice was determined according to the Till and McCulloch technique (1961). After intravenous injection to jung cells (1 x 10(6)) from 14-dayExpand
Lymphocyte subpopulation composition of the human lung during antenatal development
The study of formation of defensive mechanisms in the human fetal lung at different stages of embryogenesis is of great interest, in particular, because of the high frequency of pathology of theExpand
[The significance of polymerase chain reaction in diagnosing causes of subfebrility in children and adolescents].
Examination of 37 children and adolescents with long-term subfebrility and other manifestations of intoxication without local pathological changes included blood test (polymerase chain reaction) forExpand
[Clinical response to combined treatment with reaferon and iodantipirin in patients with chronic HCV- and HBV-infection].
The treatment was given to 100 patients with chronic virus hepatitis of moderate activity and chronicity stage I. Of them, 50 patients received reaferon (3 IU 3 times a week) in combination withExpand