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Variability of Nucleotide Sequences of Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome b Gene in Chars of the Genus Salvelinus
Based on the divergence and phylogenetic analysis of nucleotide sequences of the mtDNA cytochrome b gene, S. laecomaenis was shown to carry the most ancient mitochondrial lineage, which is close to the ancestral one.
Position of neck banded blenny Leptostichaeus pumilus (Perciformes: Zoarcoidei) in the system of the suborder Zoarcoidei as inferred from molecular genetic data
Significant genetic differences between neck banded blenny and the family Stichaeidae correspond to the level of divergence between other families of the suborder Zoarcoidei (Zaproridae, Ptilichthyidae, Pholidae, Cryptacanthodidae, and Bathymasteridae).
Relationships and divergence of some taxa of the subfamily Lycodinae (Zoarcidae, Pisces) based on molecular-genetic and morphological data
The problem of determination of the time of divergence of the studied zoarcid-like fish using the concept of “molecular clock” and its calibration according to paleontological and paleogeographic data is discussed.
Variation of cytochrome b gene in sympatric chars from kronotsky lake (Kamchatka Peninsula)
The divergence estimate of the cytochrome b gene in the Kronotsky char group (0.48%) coincided with the interpopulation difference estimates in northern Dolly Varden, which indicates a relatively recent divergence of the chars from Kronotski Lake.
Timeline of the evolution of eelpouts from the suborder Zoarcoidei (Perciformes) based on DNA variability
Assessment of the DNA divergence rate in the eelpouts conducted in this study is in accordance with known evolutionary scenarios and with key steps of geological development of the World Ocean.
Relationships and position of the genus Neozoarces of the subfamily neozoarcinae in the system of the suborder Zoarcoidei (Pisces, Perciformes) by molecular-genetic data
The results of investigations confirm the viewpoint suggested by Makushok (1961) who included, for the first time, the subfamily Neozoarcinae to the family Zoarcidae on the basis of comparative morphological investigation of these groups.
Relationships and position of wrymouths of the family cryptacanthodidae in the system of the suborder Zoarcoidei (Pisces, Perciformes)
The opinion of Makushok on a phylogenetically distinct position of wrymouths in relation to snake blennies and related families is not supported and the anatomical features of skull structure support the data of molecular genetics.
Relationships and position of the taxa of the subfamily Xiphisterinae in the system of the suborder Zoarcoidei (Perciformes)
The genetic heterogeneity of Xiphisterinae and the propriety of its division into two subfamilies should be raised to the rank of a family and classified not within the superfamily Stichaeoidae but rather as independent taxa of the suborder Zoarcoidei.
Phylogenetic relations in the family pholidae (Perciformes: Zoarcoidei) based on genetic and morphological data
Analysis of variation of genes of COI, cytochrome b, and 16S rRNA of mitochondrial DNA indicates different phylogenetic isolation of the family taxa.
Introgressive hybridization of chars of the genus Salvelinus as inferred from Mitochondrial DNA variation
Nucleotide sequence analysis of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in the genus Salvelinus revealed hybrids with S. leucomaenis in S. malma malma populations of the Northern Okhotsk Sea basin.