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An African Conception of Human Rights? Comments on the Challenges of Relativism
The belief that human rights are culturally relative has been reinforced by recent attempts to develop more plausible conceptions of human rights whose philosophical foundations are closely alignedExpand
Can a communitarian concept of African personhood be both relational and gender-neutral?
This paper explores the relationship between the African communitarian conception of personhood and gender. Defenders of this conception of personhood generally hold that an individual is defined inExpand
This thing called communitarianism: A critical review of Matolino's Personhood in African Philosophy1
The subject of personal identity has received substantial treatment in contemporary African philosophy. Importantly, the dominant approach to personal identity is communitarian. Bernard Matolino'sExpand
Who Gets a Place in Person-Space?
Abstract We notice a number of interesting overlaps between the views on personhood of Ifeanyi Menkiti and Marya Schechtman. Both philosophers distance their views from the individualistic onesExpand
Personhood and the Strongly Normative Constraint
Abstract:The strongly normative view is a concept of personhood rooted in traditional African thought. On this view, substantive norms of culture directly constrain behavior in such a way thatExpand
Personhood and the “multiple self” view
This paper critically assesses the supposition that the best way to capture the intuition that the concept of personhood has practical importance is to analyse personhood in terms of multiple selves.Expand
Fiction, Culture, and the Concept of a Person
The idea that African discourse on the self evinces two distinct though related views of personhood (“metaphysical” and “normative”) has gained currency in recent years. Although both views areExpand
Jurisprudence in an African Context