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Solvent-free allylic oxidation of alkenes with O2 mediated by Fe- and Cr-MIL-101
Abstract Catalytic properties of Fe-MIL-101 and Cr-MIL-101 metal–organic frameworks in the solvent-free oxidation of cyclohexene and α-pinene with molecular oxygen have been explored. Both catalystsExpand
Liquid Phase Oxidation via Heterogeneous Catalysis: Organic Synthesis and Industrial Applications
From basic principles to new and emerging industrial applications, this book offers comprehensive coverage of heterogeneous liquid-phase selective oxidation catalysis. It fully examines theExpand
Highly Efficient Catalysts Based on Divanadium-Substituted Polyoxometalate and N-Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Selective Oxidation of Alkylphenols
Alkyl-substituted benzoquinones serve as versatile building blocks for a variety of biologically active compounds. In this work, we present an approach for the environmentally benign synthesis ofExpand
Heterogeneous selective oxidation catalysts based on coordination polymer MIL-101 and transition metal-substituted polyoxometalates
Titanium- and cobalt-monosubstituted Keggin heteropolyanions, [PW11CoO39]5− and [PW11TiO40]5−, were electrostatically bound to the chromium terephthalate polymer matrix MIL-101. The MIL-supportedExpand
Mesoporous niobium-silicates prepared by evaporation-induced self-assembly as catalysts for selective oxidations with aqueous H2O2
Hydrothermally stable mesoporous niobium-silicates Nb-MMM-E have been first prepared following the convenient and versatile evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) methodology. The new materialsExpand
Cyclic carbonates synthesis from epoxides and CO2 over metal-organic framework Cr-MIL-101
Abstract The catalytic performance of the metal–organic framework Cr-MIL-101 in solvent-free coupling of CO 2 and epoxides to produce cyclic carbonates has been explored at both high-pressure (100Expand
A dimeric titanium-containing polyoxometalate. Synthesis, characterization, and catalysis of H2O2-based thioether oxidation.
The previously unknown titanium(IV)-containing mu-hydroxo dimeric heteropolytungstate (Bu4N)7[(PTiW11O39)2-OH] (TBA salt of H1) has been synthesized and shows higher catalytic activity than 2 for thioether oxidation by hydrogen peroxide in acetonitrile. Expand
Hydrocarbon oxidation over Fe- and Cr-containing metal-organic frameworks MIL-100 and MIL-101-a comparative study
Abstract Catalytic properties of Fe- and Cr-based metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) MIL-100 and MIL-101 have been assessed in two liquid-phase reactions: solvent-free allylic oxidation of alkenesExpand
Metal–organic frameworks of the MIL-101 family as heterogeneous single-site catalysts
In this short review paper, we survey our recent findings in the catalytic applications of mesoporous metal–organic frameworks of the MIL-101 family (Fe- and Cr-MIL-101) and demonstrate theirExpand
Heterogeneous Selective Oxidation of Alkenes to α,β‐ Unsaturated Ketones over Coordination Polymer MIL‐101
The mesoporous metal-organic framework MIL-101 is an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the selective allylic oxidation of alkenes with tert-butyl hydroperoxide. The selectivity towardsExpand