O. Yu Maslennikov

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A multiple-beam X-ray tube on the basis of field emitters has been designed and developed. The X-ray tube is powered by 140 kV anode supply. Each beam is driven by 1 kV cathode to grid supply. Electron trajectories calculation and experimental measurement of I–V characteristics are presented.
We present the preliminary design of a six-cavity, broadband, high-power double-beam klystron, operating in K<inf>A</inf>- band and paced with permanent magnet focusing system. This klystron uses a 2 A, 12 kV double-cathode electron gun. Electron beams in the gun are accompanied by magnet field which is close to axially symmetrical for each channel axis.(More)
In the beginning of 1990s, the cathode unit with the fiber field emitter for use in devices of surface searching and treatment was developed in SSPE "Toriy" (Afanasyev et al., 1992; Barsov et al., 2003). The cathode emitter is the carbon fiber with 7/spl mu/m diameter and with specially formed tip. The tip has the shape of a bullet with micro-pit on the(More)
The structure of a sizable cathode unit with 180 mm outer diameter and 190 mm radius of the emitter's spherical concave surface for a linear inductive injector accelerator has been developed. The cathode unit provides long-term work with an emission current of not less than 2500 A in microsecond pulse mode. The cathode unit is sketched. The emitter is a(More)
Electron phase trajectories for high frequency Ku-band in a diode with a nanocrystalline graphite (NCG) field emitter are compared with one with a thermo-cathode. It is shown that the field electron (FE) cathode differs from the thermo-cathode and forms short electron bunches, which can be efficiently decelerated in an output cavity. The scheme and(More)
Field emitters on the base of carbon nanotubes can be used in various electron vacuum devices. We describe the construction and parameters of a prototype of an X-ray tube with the carbon nanotube field emitter. The X-ray tube is a glass device 40 mm long and 16 mm in diameter
We present vacuum metal-ceramic electron beam triode GMI 30/25 with high slope of the grid characteristic, wide intervals of admitted values of the grid current, cut-off voltage and heater power, the long service life. This tube continues series of high reliable pulsed triodes with short start time for use in wide class of microwave devices with grid(More)
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