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We have recently demonstrated that the retinoblastoma family of negative cell cycle regulators can form complexes with a class of developmental factors which contain paired-like (PL) homeodomains (Wiggan et al. [1998] Oncogene 16:227-236). Our screens led to the isolation of a novel PL-homeodomain protein which had been isolated independently by another(More)
Dephosphorylation (activation) of cofilin, an actin binding protein, is stimulated by initiators of neuronal dysfunction and degeneration including oxidative stress, excitotoxic glutamate, ischemia, and soluble forms of beta-amyloid peptide (Abeta). Hyperactive cofilin forms rod-shaped cofilin-saturated actin filament bundles (rods). Other proteins are(More)
The specific loss of pRB or p107 together with p130 disrupts the normal development of only a very limited spectrum of tissues. These developmental defects have been attributed primarily to deregulation of E2F activity and consequent uncontrolled proliferation. We hypothesized, however, that the tissue-specific nature of these defects may also reflect(More)
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