O. W. Visser

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Wireless communication has attracted considerable interest in the research community, and many wireless networks are evaluated using discrete event simulators like OMNeT++. Although OMNeT++ provides a powerful and clear simulation framework, it lacks of direct support and a concise modeling chain for wireless communication. Both is provided by MiXiM. MiXiM(More)
Spoken dialogue systems have until recently upheld the simplifying assumption that the conversation between the user and the system occurs in a strict turn-by-turn fashion. In order to have more human-like, uent conversations with computers, a new generation of spoken dialogue systems has arisen that is capable of processing the user’s speech in an(More)
The low performance and power limitations of mobile devices severely limit the complexity and the duration of playing sessions of mobile games. This article examines the possibility of using computation-offloading to mitigate these problems while keeping the game playable. We design Mirror, a framework for offloading computation targeted at the demanding(More)
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