O. V. Vinogradova

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A model of novelty detection is developed which is based on an oscillatory mechanism of memory formation and information processing. The frequency encoding of the input information and adaptation of natural frequencies of network oscillators to the frequency of the input signal are used as the mechanism of information storage. The resonance amplification of(More)
A model of sparse distributed memory is developed that is based on phase relations between the incoming signals and an oscillatory mechanism for information processing. This includes phase-frequency encoding of input information, natural frequency adaptation among the network oscillators for storage of input signals, and a resonance amplification mechanism(More)
A biochip-based method was developed to identify the BCR-ABL mutations that affect the thyrosine kinase domain and determine resistance to targeted therapy with thyrosine kinase inhibitors. The method is based on RT–PCR followed by allele-specific hybridization on a biochip with immobilized oligonucleotide probes. The biochip addresses 11 mutations, which(More)
The analysis of DNA nucleotide polymorphisms is one of the main goals of DNA diagnostics. DNA-dependent enzymes (DNA polymerases and DNA ligases) are widely used to enhance the sensitivity and reliability of systems intended for the detection of point mutations in genetic material. In this article, we have summarized the data on the selectiveness of(More)
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