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The three-dimensional (3D) pattern of a full-size GABAB receptor has been reconstructed using computer techniques. To simulate a real microenvironment for the GABAB receptor, the latter was embedded in the lipid bilayer membrane with the corresponding salt-water environment. Since homology modeling of the GABAB receptor is among the computational methods(More)
The comparative study of influence of ouabain and calixarene C107, and the structure component of this calixarene--fragment M3, in the conditions of in vitro and chronic action in vivo on Na+, K(+)-ATPase activity was carried out on the fractions of plasmatic membranes (PM) of the rat hepatocytes. A general property in the conditions in vitro is the ability(More)
Na+, K(+)-ATPase--a protein complex of plasmatic membrane, which performs the dual function: firstly, it supports the Na+ and K+ homeostasis, and also transmembrane potential gradient, secondly, it serves as the transducer of signals and as the regulator of the expression of many key genes. Endogenous cardiotonic steroids, which are synthesized in the(More)
The mathematical model of smooth muscles contractile activity Ca(2+)-dependent control has been proposed on the base of Ca ions trans-sarcomal exchange biochemical mechanisms interpretation in myocytes. While analysing the model the conclusion should be made that kinetic parameters changes (in relation to Ca ions) Mg2+, ATP-dependent calcium pump of plasma(More)
The influence of pH in the medium on ATPase myosin activity in different muscle types was investigated. It has been found that myosin ATPase had two maxima with different values of the specific activity in cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles depending on pH, namely: 6.0-6.5 and 9.0-9.5. The dependence of physiological properties of different muscle types(More)
It has been shown that Transfer factor (TF) to Staphilococcus aureus antigens blocked ATP-induced component of the inhibitory junction potential in taenia coli smooth muscle from guinea-pig, and converted an inhibitory action of exogenous ATP into an exciting one (instead of the hyperpolarization of the smooth muscle, TF induced its depolarization). TF at(More)
Phenomenological mechanokinetic model of the smooth muscle contraction response that based on the idea of separate contraction and relaxation phases additivity realizing in the Ca(2+)-dependent "parallel" dynamic regime was elaborated and tested in the biophysical tensometrical experiment. This model application may be perspective for the further(More)
The effect of staphylococcus active substances--protein A (PA) and peptidoglican (PG) at concentrations 10(-6)-10(-2) mg/ml on the ATPase activity of pig stomach natural actomyosin and myosin was studied. It was shown that PA and PG at direct contact with smooth muscle contractile proteins caused the activation and inhibition of ATPase activity,(More)
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