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Reaction of primary C(55)-allylic alcohol moraprenol (WT(3)C(7-9)-OH, a polyprenol from mulberry leaves) with triethylamine in the presence of phosphorus oxychloride leads to a quaternary ammonium chloride with a good yield (72%) and high cis-stereoselectivity of the terminal isoprene unit. Cationic polyprenyl derivatives may be useful for transfection and(More)
Gene clusters for biosynthesis of 24 of 34 basic O-antigen forms of Shigella spp. are identical or similar to those of the genetically closely related bacterium Escherichia coli. For 18 of these relatedness was confirmed chemically by elucidation of the O-antigen (O-polysaccharide) structures. In this work, structures of the six remaining O-antigens of E.(More)
A new methodology for prenylation of thiol compounds has been developed. The approach is based on the use of prenyl sulfates as new reagents for S-prenylation of benzenethiol and cysteamine in aqueous systems. The C(10)-prenols geraniol and nerol that differ in the configuration (E or Z, correspondingly) of the alpha-isoprene unit were efficiently(More)
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