O. V. Rikhalsky

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The alpha subunit composition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) expressed in the neurons of intracardiac ganglia of the rat was investigated using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against alpha3, alpha4, alpha5 and alpha7 nAChR subunits. The acetylcholine-induced membrane potentials in the neurons of the subepicardial plexus isolated from(More)
The effect of the antibodies against α3, α4, α5, and α7 subunits of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) on ACh-induced shifts of the membrane potential (ACh potentials) in neurons of the intracardiac ganglia of the rat left atrium was studied using intracellular electrodes. It was found that (i) antibodies against each of the above subunits(More)
On isolated preparations of the superior cervical ganglion (SCG, n = 8) taken from 21-day-old rats, we studied the intraganglion pathways and mechanisms underlying generation of synaptic responses of SCG neurons to antidromic stimulation. One of the three nerves connected with the SCG was stimulated, and compound action potentials were recorded(More)
1 Bogomolets Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine. 2 Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine. 3 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA. Correspondence should be addressed to H. E. Purnyn (e-mail: riss@serv.biph.kiev.ua). The effects of application of(More)
In this study we conducted a series of experiments to characterize the effect and define the mechanisms of hypoxia on synaptic transmission between retinal ganglion cells and superior colliculus (SC) neurons. Application of hypoxic solution leads to a long lasting potentiation (LTP) NMDA-mediated synaptic transmission. Analysis of the oxygen deficiency(More)
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