O. V. Pechenova

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Increased content of CD4+CD161+IL-17A+ Th17 lymphocytes in the peripheral blood was found in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis irrespective of the clinical form (infiltrative, disseminated) and variant of the disease (drug-sensitive, drug-resistant). The elevated content of Th17 cells in pulmonary tuberculosis is associated with hypersecretion of(More)
The emission of e + e − pairs from C+C collisions at an incident energy of 1 GeV per nucleon has been investigated. The measured production probabilities, spanning from the π 0-Dalitz to the ρ/ω invariant-mass region, display a strong excess above the cocktail of standard hadronic sources. The bombarding-energy dependence of this excess is found to scale(More)
HADES is a versatile magnetic spectrometer aimed at studying dielectron production in pion, proton and heavy-ion induced collisions. Its main features include a ring imaging gas Cherenkov detector for electron-hadron discrimination , a tracking system consisting of a set of 6 superconducting coils producing a toroidal field and drift chambers and a(More)
Modern nuclear and particle physics experiments run at a very high reaction rate and are able to deliver a data rate of up to hundred GBytes/s. This data rate is far beyond the storage and off-line analysis capability. Fortunately physicists have only interest in a very small proportion among the huge amounts of data. Therefore in order to select the(More)
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