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The aim of the study was to compare the effects of neurotransplantation of cultural neural stem cells (NSC) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) on the rat behaviour and brain state after acute hypoxia. It was shown that development of two-way avoidance defensive conditioning in a shuttle box improved in rats-recipients with NSC, but not MSC as compared to(More)
New experimental data on the mnemotropic (nootropic) properties of the well-known drug polidan (a DNA derivative) are summarized. The results obtained by histological techniques showed changes in the brain structure, indicating protein synthesis activation under the action of polidan. These results confirm prognostic function of the concept of(More)
Effects of chronic intranasal administration of human and rat interferons alpha on feeding and defensive behavior of rats were studied. Natural leukocyte human interferon "Lokferon" (a mixture of alpha interferon subtypes) and recombinant rat interferon alpha of the first subtype were used in the dose of 350 ME per rat daily. In addition, using the(More)
The aim of this work was to study the influence of different regimens of polydan administration on the structural and metabolic state of neurons of rat hippocampus and neocortex. The animals of experimental groups were administered 75 mg/kg of polydan intraperitoneally once or 5 times. Animals of control groups received similar injections of sodium chloride(More)
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