O V Konshin

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The convection-diffusion equation is analyzed as a basis for modeling the migration of radionuclides. To describe the experimental data adequately within the framework of the diffusion-convection equation, it is necessary to introduce migration parameters which increase as the radionuclides penetrate further down through the soil layer and decrease as the(More)
On the basis of experimental data on the fallout of 137Cs from the Chernobyl accident, a statistical analysis was made of possible values of the coefficients of transfer via the soil-grass pathway. Model calculations of the possible radionuclide concentration in milk are performed by the Monte Carlo method using the probability distribution function(More)
The applicability of traditional mathematical models is studied on the basis of 3 y of observation of the vertical migration of 137Cs fallout after the Chernobyl accident. The most accurate description of the dependence of the radionuclide concentration on the depth of the soil layer is given by a lognormal distribution. The parameters of this distribution(More)
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