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Minimal (minor) dysfunction of brain (MDB) is the peculiar form among other consequences of perinatal damages of nervous system. The problems of organization of medical care for children with MDB at preschool age are very important. 106 patients with MDB aged 3-8 years were examined. Detailed clinical-neurological, neuropsychological, instrumental and some(More)
A prospective examination of 103 newborns with hypoxic damage of the central nervous system of moderate severity was conducted on the 4-7, 10-14 and 21-28 days after birth and included clinical examination, neurosonographic study with dopplerography of great brain arteries and biochemical study of venous blood and urine. Children with ventriculomegalia were(More)
The example of clinical observation shows nonspecific clinical picture of acute mushroom poisoning in the young child as a late manifestation of symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. The severity of hepato-biliary system, defeat followed with a long period of recovery and severity of residual effects.
OBJECTIVE To study the efficacy of neurometabolic treatment in dependence of different variants of speech delay (SD), general underdevelopment of speech (GUDS) type, in preschool children. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 130 children, aged 4-6 years, with SD, GUDS type, Most of children were boys (74%). Clinical and psychological characteristics(More)
Clinical, neuropsychological and instrumental examinations were conducted in enuresis children aged 5-7. All of them suffered from minimal brain dysfunction (MBD). The authors found that in MBD mediobasal frontal regions and lower stem portions are involved. This contributes to formation of congestive excitement foci in the deep frontal regions responsible(More)
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