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Over the past years, evidence has been accumulating for a fundamental role of protein-protein interactions between transcription factors in gene-specific transcription regulation. Many of these interactions run within composite elements containing binding sites for several factors. We have selected 101 composite regulatory elements identified experimentally(More)
We present the computer tool FUNSITE for description and analysis of regulatory sequences of eukaryotic genomes. The tool consists of the following main parts: 1) An integrated database for genomic regulatory sequences. The integrated database was designed on the basis of the databases TRANSFAC (Wingender 1994) and TRRD (Kel et al. 1995) that are currently(More)
GeneExpress system has been designed to integrate description, analysis, and recognition of eukaryotic regulatory sequences. The system includes 5 basic units: (1) GeneNet contains an object-oriented database for accumulation of data on gene networks and signal transduction pathways and a Java-based viewer that allows an exploration and visualization of the(More)
Paola Vera-Licona Institut Curie, Paris 75248, France, paola.vera-licona@curie.fr Andrei Zinovyev Institut Curie, Paris 75248, France, Andrei.Zinovyev@curie.fr Eric Bonnet Institut Curie, Paris 75248, France, Eric.Bonnet@curie.fr Inna Kuperstein Institut Curie, Paris 75248, France, inna.kuperstein@curie.fr Olga Kel geneXplain GmbH, 38302 Wolfenbuettel,(More)
We have developed GeneExpress that is the WWW-oriented integrator for the databases and systems supporting the investigation of gene expression. The total number of the Web-based resources integrated is 30. The database GeneNet on molecular events forming gene networks was assigned its integrative core. To navigate all these WWW-available resources, the(More)
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