O. V. Evdokimova

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Antibiotic resistance of enteroinvasive E. coli strains (O151:K-), i.e. the levels, associations and localizations of the genetic determinants was studied. The strains were isolated in an Infants' Home. The study was performed with the comparisons to the pathogenic and ordinary E. coli strains of another origin. It was shown that the pathogenic strains were(More)
The influence of promethazin hydrochloride (pipolphen) on stability of R plasmid inheritance in Escherichia coli strains of various serogroups was studied. The strains were isolated from patients with acute intestinal infection and from healthy persons. It was shown that in subbacteriostatic concentrations (100 to 450 micrograms/ml) pipolphen promoted(More)
A randomized parallel study was performed to compare the antihypertensive effect of normobaric hypoxia and low energetic laser irradiation in 57 patients with essential hypertension stage I using 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. High hypotensive efficacy of both methods is demonstrated. A course of normobaric hypoxia decreased mean 24-h and mean daytime(More)
In experiments at 78 adult white outbred male rats were demonstrated that experimental hypothyroidism (injection of 25 mg/kg merkazolil within 20 days) stimulates, while small doses of L-thyroxine (1.5-3.0 μg/kg within 28 days) limit the intensification of lipid peroxidation in the myocardium under short exposure to stressors of a different nature: physical(More)
Thirty four strains of Escherichia coli of the pathogenic and nonpathogenic serogroups were tested for their survival in normal human blood serum as dependent on the content of the R plasmids. It was shown that the capacity for the survival of the E. coli strains of different origin was widely distributed. The value of the survival associated with the(More)
Transformation of protochlorophyllide forms in etiolated barley seedlings and biogenesis of photosynthetic apparatus in greening leaves of 7-day-old etiolated barley seedlings (Hordeum vulgare L.) were studied under the inhibition of energy processes during illumination. Repression of electron transport between photosystem 2 and 1 (PS2 and PS1,(More)
Based on a full-sized sequence of the genome of Pseudomonas brassicacearum BIM В-446 bacteria, we determined the nucleotide sequence of the locus encoding the synthesis of the 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol antibiotic. It was shown in the limits of a nucleotide sequence with 9087 bp size to be localized at open reading frames homologous (96–99% identical(More)
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