O. V. Esipova

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The synthesis of thymine-containing monomers of negatively charged peptide nucleic acids from L-glutamic acid derivatives is described. Two approaches to the pseudopeptide backbone creation have been realized via (i) the reaction of reductive N-alkylation and (ii) the Mitsunobu condensation reaction. It is shown that the latter pathway is more favorable.
Hydrophobic stearoyl derivatives of proline-containing di- and tripeptides and their deuterated analogs were synthesized. It was shown by NMR spectroscopy that cis-trans-equilibrium around an X-Pro peptide bond is displaced towards trans-conformers for compounds containing a Ste-Pro fragment as opposed to the compounds containing Boc-Pro or Gly-Pro(More)
Peptide Gly-L-Leu-L-Phe and its derivatives were synthesized by the C-end elongation utilizing DCC/HOBT technique and by enzymatic route with the help of papain using esters of N-benzyloxycarbonyl-glycine and -L-leucine as acyl donors have been suggested. The chemical, similarly to the enzymatic, synthesis was not accompanied by racemization. Conditions for(More)
The review deals with repeating fragments of amino acid sequences, so-called "motifs", that are important in maintaining structural integrity and/or function of various proteins, especially those interacting with phospholipid aggregates. The occurrence of Phe-Leu-Gly motif characteristic for the amino acid sequence of the primate immuno-deficiency viruses(More)
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