O. Tolga Pusatli

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Discussions on the software quality keep this topic one of the most contributed subjects in the software literature since late 1960's; early and initial examples include [ ], [ ] and [ ]. The discussions are not only how to achieve/argue quality in software products but also how to delimit its definition, because defining the quality is not an easy task for(More)
This paper examines the challenges in maintaining system security in the dynamic environment of eHealth where there are system components scattered among private and public organisations and used by a spectrum of professionals, each with different needs. The need for more interoperability between these systems has strained the ability of system(More)
Closeness in meaning of the terms in the information systems and software engineering may result in discussion of using proper affiliated terms while covering the scope of research. An example is touched in this exploratory study, which discusses flexibility and its affiliated terms: changeability, adaptability, compatibility, flexibility, expandability,(More)
A variety of courses are taught in the undergraduate programs of computer science, computer engineering, software engineering and information system engineering. The preferred choices of the software industry are for hiring engineers for their companies from these disciplines, related to this fact, the emphasis on quality in software given to the associated(More)
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