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This paper addresses the "fluid shift theory" of space motion sickness. The primary purpose of our research was the development of procedures to assess individual differences in response to rostral body fluid shifts on earth. Experiment I examined inner ear fluid pressure changes during head-down tilt in intact human beings. Tilt produced reliable changes.(More)
The hearing thresholds of 21 subjects with a typical history of Menière's disease on one side were determined four times by Békésy audiometry at fixed frequencies (250, 500, 1 000 and 2 000 Hz). The reliability of the hearing thresholds was calculated and no differences could be found between the Menière ear and the unaffected ear. A considerable increase(More)
By means of a new computerized impedance meter, middle ear pressure, tympanograms and ipsilaterally elicited middle ear reflex can be recorded and presented in 3 sec. Owing to the fast rate of air pressure change in the external ear canal it is not necessary to have a completely airtight seal around the ear probe when recording middle ear pressure, which(More)
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