O Tjernström

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Treatment efficacy, oto- and nephrotoxicity, and aminoglycoside pharmacokinetics were evaluated in a prospective, comparative, randomized clinical study of aminoglycosides given once a day or three times a day for severe infections. Sixty patients were treated with netilmicin or gentamicin 4.5 mg/kg bodyweight/day, either once a day or divided into three(More)
Ototoxicity and efficacy of netilmicin was evaluated in 76 consecutive patients with moderate to severe infections with Gram-negative rods and Staphylococcus aureus. Netilmicin alone was efficacious in 47 patients and in another 23 patients cure or improvement was seen with netilmicin combined with another antibiotic, usually penicillin. Therapeutic failure(More)
The volume/pressure relationship of the tympanic membrane system was studied in 24 scuba divers. The results were compared with the results obtained from 98 non-diving subjects. Among persons with a good function of the Eustachian tube, divers had an increased mobility of the tympanic membrane system as compared to non-diving subjects. Divers with a reduced(More)
OBJECTIVES To elucidate the effects of hypobaric pressure on cochlear hydrodynamics in patents with well-defined Meniere's disease. DESIGN Sixteen patients were consecutively selected. Elevated hearing threshold levels and pathological transtympanal electrocochleography (tt-ECOG) were confirmed at the day of trial. The patients were exposed to repeated(More)
To prevent barotitis during descent in aviation, the ears have to be cleared several times by performing the Valsalva's manoeuvre. The manoeuvre is difficult for children to perform, and they are therefore at high risk of developing barotitis. The treatment of barotitis is either inflation by a Politzer balloon or myringotomy. An alternative treatment is(More)
With the aid of a quantitative impedance method and a pressure chamber, the capacity of the Eustachian tube to equilibrate pressure differences across the tympanic membrane was repeatedly determined in 20 otologically healthy men. The test-retest reliability was calculated from five determinations of static pressure equilibration of over- and underpressures(More)
The hearing thresholds of 21 subjects with a typical history of Menière's disease on one side were determined four times by Békésy audiometry at fixed frequencies (250, 500, 1 000 and 2 000 Hz). The reliability of the hearing thresholds was calculated and no differences could be found between the Menière ear and the unaffected ear. A considerable increase(More)
Eustachian tube function in 25 applicants for flight training was tested during simulated flights using two methods alternately; the integrating microflow method with a stationary pressure chamber, and a new quantitative impedance method in combination with a new mobile pressure chamber. All ears were tested by both methods. The results of the various tests(More)