O. Thorberg

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The effects of sub-chronic treatment with (−)-3-PPP (8 mg/kg, s.c., b.i.d. for 21 days), a dopaminergic agent with mixed agonist/antagonist properties, were investigated by means of behavioural andin vivo biochemical methods. There was no change in basal locomotor activity and central dopamine (DA) synthesis after 24 hours withdrawal. A slight, though(More)
The injection of (−)3-PPP into the nucleus accumbens, 10 μg/side, produced a suppression of exploratory locomotor activity without affecting treadmill locomotion. Furthermore, the suppression of exploratory locomotor activity produced by (−)3-PPP was antagonized by the administration of haloperidol, 25–50 μg/kg i.p.
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