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Eleven cases of intracranial lipoma, diagnosed during life by computerized tomography (CT) scanning, are presented. Clinical symptoms related to the lesions were present in eight. The CT scan established the diagnosis of intracranial lipoma on the basis of typical x-ray absorption and location. Only dermoid cysts and teratomas may produce a similar CT(More)
Metastases of a meningioma occurred in a 45-year-old man 4 years after removal of a falx meningioma and 1 year after removal of a malignant relapse. They were situated in the cervical, nuchal, and supra-clavicular lymph nodes. The review of 63 cases of metastasising meningial tumours from the literature, shows that lymph nodes are the most frequent site of(More)
The clinical and electroencephalographic observations in two patients with verified necrotising herpes-encephalitis are presented. In one of the ill persons it was possible to isolate the virus. With these two observations four additional ones published previously are compaired electroencephalographically. Thereby the EEG reveal a certain variation in form(More)
The electroclinical and pathological features of two infantile cases of acute necrotizing herpetic encephalitis are reported. The distribution of the lesions has been compared with those observed in fourteen other cases including four with EEG records. Various electroencephalographic features have been recorded including repetitive slow spikes and periodic(More)
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