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Xenodiagnosis of Leishmania infection in hares (Lepus granatensis) from a focus of human leishmaniasis in Fuenlabrada at southwestern Madrid region (Spain) proved that they are infective to Phlebotomus perniciosus. Molecular characterization of isolates obtained from sand flies infected after xenodiagnosis demonstrates that hares were infected by Leishmania(More)
Since July 2009, there has been a community outbreak of leishmaniasis in the south-west area of the Madrid autonomous community, Spain, affecting residents from four towns that are geographically close together and share extensive park areas. As of December 2012, 446 cases were reported (6 in 2009, 97 in 2010, 196 in 2011 and 147 in 2012), a mean incidence(More)
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