O. S. Kochnev

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On the basis of 73 operations on the thoracic lymphatic duct (TLD) its cervical part is analyzed anatomically. A proposition is made to divide TLD into four types: magistral, dendroid,scattered and discontinuous. Four variants of the discharge of TLD are distinguished. The anatomical data obtained allowed using a tourniquet on the thoracic duct in order to(More)
Disturbance of production of acetylcholine in the organism following removal of the pancreas brings about increased speed of accommodation and of development of parabiosis in the sciatic nerve in frog. Administration of small doses of acetylcholine to operated and normal frogs results in decreased speed of accommodation and of development of parabiosis. The(More)
Hypotension associated with acute pancreatitis in experiments on dogs is accompanied by portal hypertension and by a decrease in the central venous pressure. Trasylol, a drug with antikinin action, did not abolish these circulatory disturbances. After administration of ~-aminocaproic acid, neutralizing trypsin, the hypotension induced by trypsin was not so(More)