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BACKGROUND Phylogeographic composition of M. tuberculosis populations reveals associations between lineages and human populations that might have implications for the development of strategies to control the disease. In Latin America, lineage 4 or the Euro-American, is predominant with considerable variations among and within countries. In Colombia,(More)
Loss of Hes7 function leads to irregular somite formation demonstrating that Hes7 is a crucial component of the segmentation clock during somitogenesis. Experiments revealed that not only the repressor functionality but also the half-life of the protein is crucial for oscillatory expression of Hes7 and regular somite formation. Numerical integration of a(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a toxic by-product of inhalation therapy with nitric oxide (NO). The rate of NO2 formation during NO therapy is controversial. METHODS The formation of NO2 was studied under dynamic flows emulating a base case NO ventilator mixture containing 80 ppm NO in a 90% oxygen matrix. The difficulty in measuring NO2(More)
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