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BACKGROUND hCG secreting tumors are responsible for 21% of precocious puberties in boys. Usual localizations are hepatic, cerebral, mediastinal and gonadic. CASE REPORT A 4-year-old boy developed precocious puberty with rapid evolution. Serum beta hCG suggested germinal etiology, but radiological procedures failed to find any usual localization. Further(More)
An unusual case of Niemann-Pick disease type C is reported. The disease was first manifested in utero with hepatomegaly and ascitis. At the age of 3 months, respiratory signs were noted due to diffuse alveolar and interstitial pneumonia. Both bronchoalveolar lavage and blood serologic studies revealed respiratory infection by respiratory syncitial virus and(More)
A case of isolated central nervous system involvement in Lyme disease is described. A 13 year-old boy developed progressive spastic quadraparesis, chronic lymphocytic meningitis with a low CSF glucose concentration and demyelinating lesions of the white matter on MRI. The diagnosis was proved serologically by high antibody titers against Borrelia(More)
A boy without significant family or personal history had three consecutive nocturnal seizures at 1-month intervals at age 10 years, all simple focal seizures with motor and sensory symptoms, the last with secondary generalization. Waking and napping EEG showed focal sharp changes typical of benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS). A magnetic(More)
Eight cases of intracranial arachnoid cysts are reported. They are benign congenital lesions who result from an abnormal development of the earliest arachnoid. A subsequent development is possible. The macrocephaly is the first sign and other symptoms give evidence to the localization. Thanks to the C.T. scan one can make the diagnosis, appraise the(More)
A case of acute chorea in a 10 years old girl complicating a systemic lupus erythematosus associated with antiphospholipid antibodies is reported. The lupus anticoagulant was detected with a coagulation assay and the false serological reaction for syphilis by the RPR test. The child recovered with Prednisone therapy. The place of chorea in the context of(More)
The use of somatostatin in the treatment of a newborn infant with hyperinsulinism is reported. When administered alone, somatostatin was only able to prevent hypoglycemia for a short period of time, whereas the addition of a constant infusion of glucagon allowed successful control of the patient's hypoglycemia. As hyperinsulinism relapsed after a subtotal(More)
In a 9 month-old infant admitted to hospital for a fever with chilles, anaerobic blood cultures isolated Fusobacterium necrophorum. On the 5th day of intravenous treatment with amoxicillin and metronidazole clinical signs of mastoiditis, the likely source of the sepsis, became apparent. Septicemias with Fusobacterium necrophorum are usually observed in(More)
Two cases of arterial and venous thrombosis associated with lupus anticoagulant are reported. The first case was observed in the context of a systemic lupus erythematosus. In the second case, no underlying disease was found. From these 2 cases and a review of the literature, the particularities of this association in children is discussed.