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This paper proposes an efficient method for the design of two-channel, quadrature mirror filter (QMF) bank. The design problem is formulated to minimize an objective function, which is a linear combination of pass-band error and stop-band residual energy of the low-pass analysis filter of the filter bank, and the square error of the overall transfer(More)
This paper relates to development of a novel generic transceiver module for software defined radio (SDR) built using graphical user interface language LabVIEW. The main advantage of the module is that it is built entirely on the user input interface where the users get the flexibility to change any parameters according to their needs and the generic module(More)
The Conventional acoustic echo canceller encounters problems like slow convergence rate (especially for speech signal) and high computational complexity as the identification of the echo path requires filter with more than a thousand taps, non-stationary speech input, slowly time-varying systems to be identified. The demand for fast convergence and less MSE(More)
In this paper, we have proposed a Cognitive Radio system where primary users uses the precautionary measures against the possible interferences that may disturb their quality of service (QOS), these interferences may be originated from any other primary user itself, possibly due to the effect of the hidden terminal problem or may be received from the(More)