O. P. Petrov

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The study compares the mechanical performance of two types of nylon monofilaments used in testing for the presence of protective sensation in diabetics with peripheral neuropathy. Comparisons of the application force between a group of calibrated and a group of non-calibrated 5.07 nylon monofilaments were conducted to determine the properties of each type(More)
A retrospective review of 35 modified Hohmann bunionectomies is presented with analysis of objective radiographic and subjective patient questionnaire results. Thirty-five modified Hohmann bunionectomies were performed, on 29 patients over a 6-year period with follow-up ranging from 11 months to 5 years and 11 months. The modification involves resection of(More)
The ability of morphine, naloxone, and several opioid peptides of the group of beta-casomorphines to change the time of the stay of cockroaches Periplaneta americana in a hot camera (t = 47°C) was studied. It has been shown that the morphine dose ED50 increasing twice the stay amounts to 200 µg/g, while hat of naloxone, to 40, of heptapeptide YPFPGPI, to(More)
Although the pan metatarsal head resection, since it was originally described and performed by Hoffman in 1911, has proven to be an effective and viable procedure in treating many forefoot deformities, it is not without its own complications. The authors provide an historical perspective of the pan metatarsal head resection, a discussion on the complication(More)
Peripheral neuropathy is a risk factor that predisposes diabetic patients to plantar foot ulcerations and lower extremity amputations. Clinicians have searched for a reliable, cost-effective, and simple method in the identification of diabetic patients who are at increased risk of developing plantar foot ulcers. Currently, many diabetic foot clinics utilize(More)
Our objective was to evaluate the current trends of coronary angioplasty periprocedural care in the state of Israel. PTCA technology has undergone through some major developments and refinements, which have yielded new algorithms and routines. With this shift of paradigms, some of the periprocedural routines (these include medications and dosing before,(More)