O. P. Misra

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A mathematical model is proposed to study the role of distributed delay on plankton ecosystem in the presence of a toxic producing phytoplankton. The model includes three state variables, namely, nutrient concentration, phytoplankton biomass, and zooplankton biomass. The release of toxic substance by phytoplankton species reduces the growth of zooplankton(More)
In this paper, a mathematical model is proposed to study the effect of pollutant and virus induced disease on single species animal population and its essential mathematical features are analyzed. It is observed that the susceptible population does not vanish when it is only under the effect of infection but in the polluted environment, it can go to(More)
It is well recognized that the green house gases such as Chlorofluoro Carbon (CFC), CH4, CO2 etc. are responsible directly or indirectly for the increase in the average global temperature of the Earth. The presence of CFC is responsible for the depletion of ozone concentration in the atmosphere due to which the heat accompanied with the sun rays are less(More)
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