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5 There is an increased interest in merging observations from local net-6 works into larger national and international databases. However, the ob-7 servations from dierent networks have typically been made using dier-8 ent equipment and applying dierent post-processing of the values. These 9 heterogeneities in recorded values between networks can lead to(More)
Many different algorithms can be used to optimize spatial network designs. For spatial interpolation of environmental variables in routine and emergency situations, computation time and interpolation accuracy are important criteria. The objective of this work is to compare the performance of different optimization algorithms for both criteria. Both adding(More)
Mapping at an international scale may suffer from biasedness due to systematic differences in measurement devices and procedures. Biases show up when interpolating the target variable across borders. Harmonization of multinational datasets is therefore important and becomes a compulsory preprocessing step prior to the geostatistical mapping and analysis.(More)
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