O. Otenko

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The ability to dynamically create and subsequently manage secure virtual organisations (VO) is one of the key challenges facing the Grid community. Existing approaches for establishing and managing VOs typically suffer from lack of fine grained security since they largely focus on public key infrastructures with statically defined access control lists, or(More)
The widespread acceptance and uptake of Grid technology can only be achieved if it can be ensured that the security mechanisms needed to support Grid based collaborations are at least as strong as local security mechanisms. The predominant way in which security is currently addressed in the Grid community is through Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) to(More)
We describe a role based, policy driven, Privilege Management Infrastructure, in which the authorisation tokens are roles held as X.509 attribute certificate stored in LDAP directories. Users are assigned roles, and roles are granted privileges. The authorisation policy says which roles and attribute certificates are to be trusted, and what access rights(More)
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