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The current literature data and the authors' material on the interstitial lung diseases (ILD) are presented. The authors' material includes the results of morphological (light and electron microscopy) examination of 36 intrabronchial biopsies in ILD patients, 2 open biopsies, 6 autopsy cases and lungs of laboratory animals with various forms of the(More)
The authors analyze x-ray findings in 194 patients with colonic diverticulosis and its inflammatory complications. Findings of preoperative irrigoscopy were correlated with dates of morphological investigations. Roentgenomorphological and functional changes were assessed in different clinical types of colonic diverticulosis. Correlation was received between(More)
One observation of total colon diverticulosis in a male of 62 is described. Clinical signs (abdominal pains, blood in faeces, vomiting) persisted for 7 years and was aggravated by ileus. Instrumental examination revealed multiple colon diverticula, stenosing villous tumour of sigmoid colon. Besides pseudodiverticula, chronic colitis with multiple(More)
The authors describe pulmonary granulomatosis in a male patient with chronic active hepatitis of viral etiology with persistence of hepatitis B virus in blood serum and liver tissue. The presence of active virus infection with proven hepatitis B virus replication, evidenced by demonstration of HBeAg and HBcAb in blood serum, suggests an importance of(More)
Granulomatous lung lesions were produced in rats by 5 intravenous or intratracheal injections of the killed BCG suspension as an antigen. On the basis of immunocomplex and cell-mediated immunopathological reactions this condition may be considered as a chronic allergic form of alveolitis. Granulomas were formed along the arteries when the antigen was(More)
79 surgical and postmortem cases of colon diverticulosis with complications were studied clinicomorphologically. Sequence in the development of inflammatory complications was revealed: diverticulum perforation-peridiverticulitis-pericolitic infiltrate, sometimes with the abscess-fistula. Segmental colitis may join the process. The complications onset(More)
The analysis of 93 cases of bullous pulmonary emphysema provided evidence for the significance of valvular mechanism of bulla formation operable at two levels: in small bronchi and bronchioles on the one hand and in the area of subpleural fibrosis on the other hand, the latter arising in the result of subpleural atelectasis or subpleural carnificating(More)
The authors had 662 patients with diverticulosis of the colon under observation. Nonoperative treatment for clinically manifested diverticulosis was undertaken in 226 patients. A good effect was produced in 82.2% of them. An operative intervention was conducted on 146 patients. The indication for operation was clinically manifested diverticulosis in the(More)
network in an investigation conducted by the method of examination of preparations which we adopted, confirms the previous results. Our data indicate some specific structural changes in the vessels in hypertension. The structural changes observed can evidently be explained by two processes: a decrease in caliber of the vessels and complete closing of some(More)