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The Paillier scheme encryption, (m, r) ! c 1⁄4 g r mod N, where m is in ZN, r is in ZN * , N 1⁄4 pq (p, q being strong primes) and g is an element of ZN2 of order a multiple of N, is decrypted by m mod N1⁄4 (L(c mod N)/L(g mod N)) mod N, where L is defined on all u in ZN2 such that u mod N 1⁄4 1, by L(u) 1⁄4 (u2 1)/N. In the generalisation of the scheme by(More)
Surveillance and epidemiologic research on intellectual disability often do not incorporate adaptive functioning (AF) data. Exclusion of AF data leads to overestimation of the prevalence of intellectual disability, the extent of which is not known. In this study, the authors evaluated the effect of incorporating AF data on overall intellectual disability(More)
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