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Clinical checkup of the sensitive sphere of 126 patients with the different vertebrogene loinssacral pain sensation syndromes had been carried out. A new type of pain disorder sensation was described as a "basamug". The comparison, that was fulfilled in connection with the abnormality levels of the phylogenetically young types, had detected the high(More)
Based on the evaluation done in 374 patients with bacterial meningoencephalitis there have been singled out clinical variants of spasmodic syndrome (generalized, incomplete, atypical, myoclonic), with their value being outlined in identifying brain edema and swelling as well as assessing the gravity of the course and possible outcome of the inflammatory(More)
The authors investigated the concentration of some metals in the cerebrospinal fluid in 70 patients with bacterial meningoencephalitis in the dynamics of the inflammatory process and in different regions of the brain in 10 autopsy cases. There was a correlation between potassium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc in the brain and quantity of(More)
The authors investigated the amount of blood histamine in 92 patients with multiple sclerosis depending on the length of the disease and its clinical form. The biopsies of the gastric mucosa were studied in 32 patients. It was established that the patients showed a high level of blood histamine (disease length--under 5 years) and a low level (disease(More)
The quantitative distribution of chemical elements and metals was assessed in the brain of 10 autopsy cases. The patients died of bacterial meningoencephalitis. It was found that the most "water-soaked" regions of the brain showed an increased accumulation of the concentration of metals correlatingly bound with water. The state of cerebral microvessels play(More)
The clinical study comprising 254 patients with bacterial meningoencephalitis (meningococcal, pneumococcal, staphylococcal, undefined, with n = 135, 76, 43, 120 respectively) permitted identifying a syndrome of oculomotor disturbances. It has been shown that assessment of changes in oculomotor disturbances enables the extent of inflammatory process, focal(More)
The study is based on clinical examination of movement disorder in 126 patients (men--103, women--23) with lumbosacral pain syndrome. The authors revealed how statico-dynamic and neurotic disorders had been formed depending on structural peculiarities of primary pathologic process and thus determining different clinical forms. Mechanisms of syndromologic(More)
Using the scanning microscope the author showed on a model of recurrent allergic encephalomyelitis morphotopographic relationship of CNS tissues from viewpoint of dynamics of development of pathological disorders the possibility of primary location of the process at the level of hypothalamic structures leading to disorders of the higher regulating(More)
Clinico-liquorological comparisons were carried out in 300 patients with bacterial meningoencephalitis. The method of mathematical analysis proved able to reveal the prognostic significance of criteria of protein dispersion in the cerebrospinal fluid as one of the factors of clinical evaluation of the possible sequels of the disease.
On the basis of critical analysis of the main periodicals and relevant references as well as personal clinical experience the author submits his idea on substantiation of mechanisms of ocular movements regulation, for which purpose he uses evolutionary principles of development of the nervous system. Depending on the levels of disease foci as well as nature(More)