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The present study was designed to investigate the effect of a proteinaceous dietary supplement, fishmeal, on gossypol-induced spermatotoxicity. Twenty-five adult male Wistar rats, averaging 205 g b.w., were randomly sorted into four experimental groups (I-IV) of 5 animals each, and a control group. Crude cottonseed oil was administered orally to each animal(More)
  • O O Bankole, O I Iyun, O O Dosunmu
  • 2010
BACKGROUND oligodontia is a condition with developmental absence of six or more permanent teeth excluding the third molars. It is a rare finding which has not been frequently documented in Nigerian children. OBJECTIVE to report a case of non syndromic oligodontia. METHODS The details of the clinical presentation, course and outcome of a 9-year-old child(More)
Although the human mandibular premolars are known to exhibit variations in their root and canal configurations, multiple roots in mandibular premolars are rare though some cases have been reported. Prevalence of two rooted mandibular first and second premolars have been reported to be 1.8% - 2.1% and 0.4% respectively. Variations in root anatomy have been(More)
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