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The alpha-adrenoceptor sub-type of the rat vas deferens was characterized with noradrenaline (alpha-1, alpha-2-agonist), phenylephrine (alpha-1-agonist), prazosin (alpha-1-antagonist) and yohimbine (alpha-2-antagonist) and compared with the results obtained in the rat anococcygeus muscle. In the vas deferens, both prazosin and phentolamine were competitive(More)
Noradrenaline (0.6-19 microM) and phenylephrine (2-130 microM) induced contractions in the rat seminal vesicle that were competitively antagonized by the alpha 1-adrenoceptor-selective antagonist corynanthine (120-920 nM). Yohimbine (60-450 nM), an alpha 2-adrenoceptor-selective antagonist, produced a non-competitive antagonism of noradrenaline responses,(More)
1 Blockade of alpha-adrenoreceptors was analyzed with prazosin in the rat anococcygeus muscle contracted with noradrenaline (NA) and phenylephrine (PHE). 2 Prazosin (1.1 x 10(-8) - 8.8 x 10(-7)M) competitively blocked phenylephrine-induced contractions (pA2 = 8.93 +/- 0.04, slope = 0.85 +/- 0.07) whilst its antagonism of NA was non-competitive (pA2 = 8.45(More)
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