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In this paper, we show how by a very simple modification of bivariate spline discrete quasi-interpolants, we can construct a new class of quasi-interpolants, which have remarkable properties such as high order of regularity and polynomial reproduction. More precisely, given a spline discrete quasi-interpolation operator Q d , which is exact on the space P m(More)
Given a B-spline M on R s , s ≥ 1 we consider a classical discrete quasi-interpolant Q d written in the form Q d f = i ∈ Z s f (i)L(· − i), where L(x) := j∈J c j M(x − j) for some finite subset J ⊂ Z s and c j ∈ R. This fundamental function is determined to produce a quasi-interpolation operator exact on the space of polynomials of maximal total degree(More)
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