O. N. Krivoshapko

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80 To date, ample experimental data have been accuu mulated demonstrating the role of cellular receptors and ion channels of excitable and nonexcitable memm branes of the peripheral and central nervous system in perception and transmission of nociceptive stimuli [1]. The disruption of the functioning of thee membrane components can lead to the development(More)
Pharmacological activity of echinochrome A (EchA) alone and in the biologically active additives (BAA) "Timarin", administered per os has been investigated on volunteers. EchA decreased serum glutatione (GSH) and increased catalase activity 1 h after treatment; catalase activity normalized, while GSH exceeded the initial level 3 h after the treatment.(More)
The self-assembly of marine macrophyte glycolipids, holothurian saponin, and cholesterol gave rise to nanoscale morphological structures called tubular immunostimulating (TI) complexes. Whether the latter could be used on the basis of vaccine preparations containing the influenza virus subunit antigens was studied. There was an obvious increase in the(More)
The method of the physical load in condition of the coronary circulation of the blood disturbance, caused mesaton injection, induced development rat cardiopathology, bring about of the heart function decompensation and 40% death of experimenthal animals. Under electronic-microscopic study of rat cardiomyocytes are discovered signs to disorganizations of(More)
A total mixture of phospho- and glycolipids from sea macrophytes Sargassum pallidum, Ulva fenestrata, Zostera marina was separated and the fatty acid composition was determined. Biological activity of the mixtures of polar lipids and natural antioxidants echinochrome A from flat sea urchin Scaphechinus mirabilis and polyphenolic complex from sea grass(More)
The effects of the small doses of the preparation Gistochrome, containing natural polyhydroxynaphtoquinoine echinochrom A from flat sea urchin Scaphechinus mirabilis, on blood biochemical parameters have been studied in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Gistochrome administration influenced the LPO-antioxidant protection system, indicating(More)
The review considers recent experimental studies of biological activity and mechanisms of therapeutic action of rosmarinic acid, luteolin and its sulfated derivatives in diseases associated with disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Particular attention is focused on the results of studies showing a high therapeutic potential of these phenolic(More)
The metabolic damages and inflammatory diseases are closely connected with high increase of the contents of the reactive oxygen species (ROS) and lipid peroxidation products in organism. In connection with this natural antioxidants are actively used for efficient fight with oxidative stress. In current work we have estimated an antioxidative potential of(More)
A comparative study of antioxidant (radical-interceptor) properties of tryptanthrin (quinazoline alkaloid shows a high anti-inflammatory activity and it is found in many types of different families of higher plants and microorganisms, including the human microbiome) in the systems of 2,2'-azo-bis(2-methylpropionamidin)dihydrochloride-luminol and(More)